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Throughout the year a variety of competitions are held. These include:

* A series of 6 to 8 competitions on a set of themes (such as Water, Energy or Gardens)

* Trophy competitions held as a single contest on a defined theme

* Fun competitions, a relaxed way to informally enjoy each other’s photographs

* Out and about competitions held during the summer, including the Club 6 and Rally

* Interclub competitions with local camera clubs

Some of these competitions are judged by an experience photographer brought in for their objective views and insight. Other competitions are judged by the members voting for the work they prefer. Detailed information on these competitions is provided below.


During the year we hold 6-8 competitions for prints and projected images. Members may submit up to 3 entries in each category which have been taken in the last two years and illustrate some aspect of the designated theme.

The themes for the year are agreed by the club members each year and will normally include 3 subjects chosen by CAPS (Chelmsford Association of Photographic Societies) and three subjects chosen by the members.

Full details of the competition rules are provide in Appendix A.

The Bob Dunn Trophy is awarded to the overall winner in the print and slide classes at the end of each season.


Three separate competitions are held each year for trophies set up in memory of former members of the club. T


A series of six competitions are held during the summer months. Each competition is for images taken during that summer in a given location and of a given subject. The challenge is to find good images in the limited time available which meet the subject matter, have

* been taken in the location,

* say something about the location, and

* are good images.


Once a year a rally is organised where the challenge is to collect a set of 8 photographs, which represent each of the year’s defined subjects, and have been taken along the specified route through Essex villages.